Egot Oqielijal fe Ifuyagoc / The Language of Cyanese

Egot Oqielijal fe Ifuyagoc / The Language of Cyanese

Ifuyagoc sa i oqielijal sagot A faroagoroc fe xana vimunemed fusequd zam Vatusgam na Rexios eqebetsomp. Egot hozawomp A isu et ubaxarefawat Drafuvane fuyabow ehni Ifuyagoc sa qukab qapu ayos fe egot hawvaropwuf jikegum yueguzowsoc neeqaqeplet hisujokme na egot egyeg fe ‘Mimocates” (re ‘Cetot Mimocates’). A doot tai gomyitlimp fe ‘akotsumper hauxvogni’ xana ‘feiwivitrefawt’ xana haoseppa zegot et refelicel fe egot hunahohla buwpar yagot jikegum wahon. Pixesu tigt bucfem, ano rac buzisie xana vakoxadeuq teqidrefawat cuna yabow na egot Drafuvane oqielijal ehni Ifuyagoc!

I ahom edemcuvabuwsoc xana coqined coovhalbuped fe zam eeqaqeplet, lijila qeyiw ters-dub-ters sesooqefaduxajoni xana cixur, rac ub nejeogjolod exeh

Na naunodda, i xalebkobug fe yavo 2000 nigoufla yabaxarefawat Ifuyagoc fuyabow rac ub nejeogjolod exeh

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Cyanese is a language that I conceived of and developed during my Masters in Sound programme. The process I use to translate English words into Cyanese is based upon some of the fundamental musical composition techniques employed in the genre of ‘Serialism’ (or ‘Total Serialism’). I took its principles of ‘retrograde inversion’ and ‘transposition’ and applied them to letters of the alphabet rather than musical notes. Using this method, one can easily and quickly transform any word in the English language into Cyanese!

A more comprehensive and detailed description of my technique, along with step-by-step instructions and rules, can be downloaded here

In addition, a glossary of over 2000 already translated Cyanese words can be downloaded here

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